Tour the Mississippi River . . . by ear.
The Mississippi River changes significantly during its nearly 2,400-mile journey from northern Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.  People who benefit from it . . . 
live along its banks  . . .  cross it regularly by bridge or boat . . .  or long to see it for the very first time . . . all bring a variety of perspectives to the river. 

Seeking to engage a fraction of that variety, Giselle Bonfaire presents 21 songs as piano solos to connect you with an array of experiences and circumstances along the river's winding course.  The songs are ordered north to south, so your "journey" begins where the river begins--and ends where the river meets the Gulf of Mexico. 

Inside the CD, a map of the river and a brief story about each song describe when railroads reached the river, where major rivers join, the role of southern riverside states' residents in creating the blues, historic floods, and it concludes with the network of barrier islands along the coasts of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.